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About Us


We offer unique 90's nostalgia t-shirts designed with Ananda Lewis at the center of your 90's Crush vibes...'cause you know she was!

We offer more collections to love as well, which are also designed by Ananda. These are classic black shirts with simple word, captions, and timeless designs on them just in case the 90's vibe isn't your thing, which would be sad, but BE YOU!

Just in case you were living under a rock during the 90's, Ananda Lewis was one of the MOST recognizable and talented young women on TV during that era. She started as a Host on BET's Teen Summit and then moved over to MTV and became one of their most popular VJ's, launching the live in Times Square format and hosting shows like TRL, MTV Live, HotZone, 12 Angry viewers and most of the daily Countdown shows and seasonal specials like Summer Beach House, New Year's Eve Live, Snowed In, and more. Ananda interviewed everyone who was anyone in the 90's and was the favorite 'IT' girl everywhere she went. Possessing a dynamic combination of intelligence, striking beauty and a wild personality, Ananda was named one of People's Most Beautiful People and graced the covers and pages of too many magazines to name. She remains most young men (and some women's) favorite 90's Crush to this day.

Given Ananda's recent personal experience with Breast Cancer, the proceeds of this shop largely go to support treatment for her and other women fighting cancer. This is why we are an ALL SALES ARE FINAL shop.

We really appreciate your purchase and hope you love our merch with a cause!